Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How do I provide evidence of my right to work?

All right to work documents must be provided to EY prior to joining.  If you have not already presented your right to work documents, please reach out to your onboarding coordinator who will arrange a virtual verification with you [email protected]. Please note if your RTW has been virtually verified we will need to do an additional face to face verification once we are back in the office. 

2. What documents do I need to provide?

1. Your acceptance paper work

  • Your completed joiner form (including details of your bank account and emergency contacts)
  • Your completed life assurance form (optional)
  • Evidence of your National Insurance number. This can be a photocopy of your National Insurance card, P45, P60, payslip or any other official document clearly stating your National Insurance number. We do not need to verify the photocopy against the original.
2. Tax forms (P45 or New Starter checklist)
  • If you have a P45 from your previous employer and this is dated within the tax year you will be joining EY, keep part 1 and send parts 2 and 3 to us only. You are not required to complete a New Starter Checklist in this instance.

    If you do not hold a P45 form within the tax year you will be joining EY (either if you have not been previously employed, it has been lost or you are still awaiting the form from a previous employer), please complete and return the Starter checklist, which will be made available to you (shortly before you join) within your Candidate Account area. If you do not currently have a National Insurance number, please leave this section blank.  Please make sure all parts of the starter checklist have been completed before submitting, as mistakes can lead to you being placed on an incorrect tax code.

    If you then subsequently receive a P45 you will need to forward this to Recruitment Services (Student Hire) as soon as possible.

    Failure to submit either a P45 or New Starter checklist could result in you overpaying/underpaying tax.

3. How do I provide evidence of my National Insurance Number?     

This can be a copy of your National Insurance card, P45, P60, payslip or any other official document clearly stating your National Insurance number. We do not need to verify this photocopy against the original. This can be scanned and uploaded to your Candidate Account area or emailed to [email protected]. If you do not currently have a National Insurance number, or your number begins ‘TN’ you need to apply for one as soon as possible. Please visit the DWP website for further details,     
As soon as you receive your NI number, please send evidence to us.

4. As a working student, am I required to pay tax and National Insurance? 

You will be subject to normal PAYE procedures to deduct tax and National Insurance from your salary.  For further information please see the HMRC website, You will be sent a new starter tax form (in the event you do not have a P45 within the tax year you join) for completion prior to your start date.     
If you are a student and you earn above a certain threshold, you are required to pay National Insurance.      

5. What are the next steps once I have accepted my Offer of Employment? And do I need to fill out a separate form for Sterling Talent Solutions?  

Once we receive your acceptance via electronic signature, you will be sent an email from us within your candidate account area confirming receipt. If there is any outstanding documentation, you will be contacted by the Recruitment Services team.     
EY works in partnership with a company called Sterling Talent Solutions, who is the industry leader and subject matter expert in all areas of employment screening and risk mitigation. Sterling Talent Solutions works with EY to complete the following pre-employment checks:    
Work permit
After you have secured an offer you will find more information on work permits contained in your offer letter.  We will then reach out separately to advise you of the work permit process, provide some FAQs around this and then ask you to return documents to us.  You will receive guidance and support from us and Global Immigration.

6. I am going travelling for the next few months and will not return until close to my start date. Will any further paperwork be sent to me in the post during this period?

If you will be abroad until close to your start date, please advise us of your travel dates and whether you will have regular access to your emails, as all further communications will be via email or phone.

Please note, you must be in the UK before your start date so that you can receive your laptop and comply with the requirement to be resident in the UK when you commence your employment with EY.

7. On my offer of employment letter it states a proposed start date and guideline notional salary. Are these likely to change?

It is probable that these proposed details will not change, however the business review salaries and start dates on an annual basis. Once this information has been confirmed, you will be notified in writing, via email, of your actual notional salary and start date.

8. What if I do not get the predicted grades I put on my application?

As a firm we expect our people to demonstrate a strong work ethic. This is extended to our new joiners, where we look for consistent academic performance to ensure they will be able to meet the demands of studying for professional qualifications. Your offer of employment was made based on your performance in our recruitment process and your academic record. Should your results fall significantly below your predicted performance then we would review this alongside your performance throughout the recruitment process.

9. Can I get credits for previous study? 

Please contact the Professional Qualifications Team on [email protected] to discuss.

10. My new landlord/letting agency requires a reference from EY to confirm my employment. How do I request this?

If you require a tenancy reference, please ask (name of person/agency requesting reference) to send an email to [email protected].

Requests will be responded to within 3 - 5 working days. 

11. Does EY provide assistance with finding accommodation?

Whilst EY cannot provide assistance with accommodation, please use our social media links or online forum to connect with your new colleagues.

12. How do I find out more information about EY Benefits?

Please access the Interactive Welcome to EY magazine link on your Candidate Account area which contains a section called ‘Total Rewards FlexEY’ and this gives you information regarding the EY benefits. Further details about the types of benefits will be available to you once you join.

13. What if I have pre booked holidays, or want to book holidays? 

Please contact the Operations Advisor, the contact number is found within your offer under useful contacts. Please also note for Graduate, Business Apprentice and Industrial Placement joiners we do not advise holidays are booked during the first few months of your employment at EY as these may conflict with college study dates, depending on the professional qualification you will be undertaking.  Please contact the professional qualifications team at [email protected] for more details about study dates.

14. What is my holiday allowance?

You are entitled to 25 days paid holiday per full year of employment.

The holiday year runs from 1 January to 31 December. You will be able to view your actual holiday allowance for 2021 via the EY intranet once you have joined the firm. Your allowance will be prorated according to your start date.

15. How does the pay scale change as you progress?

Due to confidentiality and business security, we are unfortunately unable to share this information with you, however once you have joined EY you will be assigned a Counsellor who will be happy to provide you with further information relating to salary.

16. I’ve heard about FlexEY, what is it?

FlexEY is the firm's flexible benefits scheme, which enables you to take control of your benefits package and tailor it to suit your lifestyle and personal circumstances.  Benefits include, but are not limited to, travel insurance, dental insurance, and car benefit, bikes for work, gym membership, and private medical insurance.

Further information regarding FlexEY will be sent to you upon joining. 

17. How and when will I get paid?

You will receive your monthly wage on the 28th of each month (or the previous working day if the 28th falls on a weekend or public holiday).

All money is paid directly into the bank account that you have specified on your joiner form. Cheques are issued to those who have not provided bank details; however cheques can only be paid into UK bank accounts.

18. When will I receive my payslip?

Payslips are available electronically via an internal site (e-Payslips). Please note that you will be unable to access e-Payslips until after your first payday.

19. Some of the details in My profile are incorrect - how can I change these?

Please use the contact us page and select the ‘I need to update my profile' drop down option to inform us of any updates.

20. Who do I inform if I have changed my address or contact details?

Please use the contact us page and select the ‘I need to update my profile' drop down option to inform us of any updates.

21. When will I be able to view more detail about the induction?

We will continue to update relevant pages on this site in advance of your induction. Your induction overview page outlines your overall program including college dates (if applicable) or ongoing Service Line activities the follow day 1.  You must make sure your email address is correct on your profile.  If any of your details need updating please contact the Student Offers team through the contact us page by selecting the 'Your Offer' subject.

22. I cannot attend the induction, what should I do?

The expectation is that you will attend the entire Student Induction programme.

If you know in advance that you are unable to attend all, or part, of your induction, please submit the registration form on this website accordingly and the Student Hire team will get in touch with you to discuss further.

23. I haven’t heard from my buddy. Should I be worried?

All buddies are asked to contact you prior to your start date. Please do not worry if you haven’t heard from them yet. You will be assigned a buddy, but the timing of this varies in different parts of the business so it may be that your department has not yet confirmed all the buddies.

24. When will I receive my laptop?

Your laptop will be shipped to you by courier from 24 March. Please ensure you provide an accurate UK postal address in the registration form. Our induction team will be tracking successful delivery and following up on any delays. If it is not possible to get your laptop to you on time, we’ll notify you and provide details of how to access your induction via a personal device. We cannot ship laptops abroad.

25. Will I receive a mobile telephone when I join?

Once you have joined the firm you will have access to the UK Smartphone and Device Policy. We will provide you with instructions on how to order your device.

26. What is the graduate loan and how do I apply?

The graduate loan is an interest free loan of up to £7,000 and you are able to apply for a loan until six months after joining. There is only one opportunity to apply for this loan and you cannot increase the amount at a later date. You will find the online graduate loan application form within your onboarding portal.

27. I’ve applied for a graduate loan, when will I receive the money?

The loan will not be issued until after you have officially started with EY. Once you have joined, subject to us receiving your completed application form, your loan will be paid to you in the next available payroll. We will confirm by email when we receive your application form and again when the loan has been processed.

28. How is the loan paid to me?

The money is paid directly into the account you specify on your Joiner Form for your salary to be paid into.

29. Who is eligible for the loan?

Only first year employees who have joined us on a formal graduate training scheme.

30. Is there a deadline to apply for a loan?

You are able to apply for a loan until six months after joining.

31. Can I pay my loan off early?

It is possible to repay the loan early, but only if you repay the total amount owing at that point in time. This can be done by contacting EY Help once you have joined.

32. Are there any tax implications?

If your aggregate employee loan(s) exceeds £10,000 at any point during the tax year then the total loan(s) become taxable and will be notified to HM Revenue & Customs via your P11D. This total includes any other loan you receive from us, including season ticket loans. The benefit is calculated on the average amount of loan that is outstanding in the tax year, using the ‘official rate of interest’ (this figure is determined by HM Revenue & Customs and is subject to change).

33. What happens if I leave before the loan is repaid?

In the event of you giving notice of termination of your employment (or alternatively being given notice) the remainder of your loan will be deducted from your final salary or other sums due to you from the firm. Once the calculation of your final salary has been completed you will receive correspondence outlining any balance owing to the firm that you will need to repay.

34. I have more questions about the loan, who should I contact?

If you have any further questions, please contact EY Help on 0141 226 9555, selecting the HR option.

35. What are EY’s working arrangements under COVID-19?

Most EY staff are currently working from home, with some exceptions for facilities staff in the office and others who need to work from the office for operational or personal reasons. The capacity of each office may vary depending on a number of factors, and in strict adherence to the guidelines set by the UK, Scotland and Northern Ireland Governments.

Anyone returning to an office is required to request permission to book a desk. Information on this process can be provided by your Service Line team or Counsellor, should you feel it’s necessary to work from the office. This will allow us to implement ‘track and trace’ if necessary. There will be social distancing signage and one-way entrances, exits and routes in all of our buildings. Meetings rooms, booths, breakout areas and client suites will be open, but their capacity will be managed to reflect the relevant social distancing guidelines.

When you join the firm, you will have access to our intranet of resources and guidance around current working arrangements.

36. Will I be required to work from an office if I am in a vulnerable category?

No - we will not require anyone to come into the office if they are in a vulnerable group.

37. Will I get equipment to help me work from home?

You will receive a headset and mouse with your laptop delivery. Upon delivery of your laptop, you’ll also have access to our IT consumables website if you wish to order a laptop stand, keyboard, etc.  To order:
On the bottom taskbar of your laptop is a yellow square with a question mark which takes you to our ServiceNow portal. Hover over “Order Something” on the top taskbar and click on “Peripherals” to place an order. You will need to provide your personal address for the delivery. 
We have also broadened our ergonomic chair assessment criteria and if you are experiencing discomfort, you will be able to request an assessment to see if a chair could be provided for you. You will also be able to order a cardboard desk to support you working from home if you do not have access to a desk. Requests for a second screen are also managed through this process. To submit these requests, you will need to access this link but please be aware this link will only work via your EY laptop so you will not be able to submit a request until you have your EY laptop set up.

38. What should I do about arranging accommodation near my EY office?

If you’re relocating for your position, we understand you may be anxious about arranging accommodation. We cannot give you a firm date of when you will need to be within commuting distance of your office or a client site as this will vary from team to team and depending on the client projects you will work on.

Your induction training will be provided virtually so you will not be required in an EY office or client site until after your induction training has completed. We therefore suggest you ensure you are within commuting distance of your office by the time your induction has completed e.g. after your professional qualification training or after your service line induction.

39. I am concerned about working from home and would much prefer to go into the office. What are my options?

Please use the contact us form to raise your concerns and a member of the team will be in touch to discuss the options with you.

40. Can I work remotely in another country?

No. For security and regulatory reasons you must be based in the UK for your employment with EY. You also cannot join the induction in the UK and then travel abroad to work remotely from another country unless for authorised temporary EY project-related reasons.

41. What is the dress code – for induction and for work?

We are committed to creating an inclusive culture where everyone feels that they truly belong. Studies show that we are more motivated and engaged when we feel a sense of belonging and can bring our whole, authentic self to work. This reduces stress levels and improves physical health, emotional well-being and business performance.
We operate a ‘Dress for your day’ policy. Dress for your day gives you the choice to wear what you feel is right and appropriate for your day, schedule, environment, location and the personal brand that you wish to portray to your clients and colleagues.
We respect your judgement in making the right choices for yourself and the firm, taking into account our professional working environment, so we have not set out detailed rules, but have the following guidelines:

  • If you have meetings with external clients at their offices you should mirror their dress code. If the meeting is being held at an EY office, you should advise them of our dress for your day culture in advance.
  • Client facing teams should ensure they can react quickly to changing plans and can attend a client meeting at short notice if required.
  • Clothing items such as jogging bottoms or gym clothes, heavily distressed or ripped items, and graphic shirts with offensive or controversial statements printed on them should be avoided.
During the current period of extended remote working you’re unlikely to see your colleagues wearing a full suit and tie. Think smart casual if you’re worried about what to wear, and you’ll quickly pick up on other peoples’ approach to the dress code as you settle into the firm.

42. I can’t access Mercury or submit my timesheet

As part of induction, we’ll introduce you to our Mercury system which is where you will submit your timesheet. On occasion, it takes a few days for all the EY systems to process that you’ve started with us. If you don’t have access to Mercury on day 1, please try to access it the following week, and if by Wednesday 7 April you still do not have access, please call the Mercury Finance team on 65555 from MS Teams, or 0141 266 9555 from a mobile, and they will be able to look into the access issue for you.

43. I’ve been locked out of my Remote Connect/my Remote Connect isn’t working

Please contact IT Helpdesk by calling 65555 from MS Teams, or 0141 266 9555 from a mobile, and they will be able to reset it for you.

44. I’m locked out of my laptop

Please contact IT Helpdesk by calling 0141 266 9555, and they will be able to reset it for you.

45. I can’t access Success Factors (for LEAD and Learning)

We’ll introduce you to our HR systems including SuccessFactors as part of your induction. It takes a few days for all the EY systems to process that you’ve started with us, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t have access in your first few days. If by Monday 12 April you don’t have access, please contact IT Helpdesk on 65555 from MS Teams, or 0141 266 9555 from a mobile, and they will be able to look into the access issue for you.

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